How much does an airplane pilot earn in the United States? The salary of an airplane pilot in the United States is $ 8,480 per month, although it can vary between $ 3,500 to $ 22,500 a month, let’s see below the reasons why such variants tend to occur.

If becoming an airplane pilot is your dream because you have a passion for traveling to different places, then you are on the right track, as they are often profiles in demand, because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, there is an estimated 6% growth for commercial and airline pilots between 2019 and 2028.

The salary of an airplane pilot in the USA can vary due to factors such as the airline for which he has been hired, the type of airplane he must pilot, as well as the routes by which he must fly, but also the position or range which it possesses is usually another determining factor.

As a reference, there are companies that pay an airplane captain $ 330 per hour, if he is driving a Boeing 777, taking into account the time of experience he has, while there are companies that have job offers with salaries offered for Boeing 737 first officer of $ 74,000 a year to start.

There may not be much difference in the salary of pilots who operate passenger planes and those who are piloting cargo planes, but if you have to consider that the state in which you work is another of the determining factors, below is a list of the States with the Highest Salaries for the Aircraft Pilot Position in the United States by Month:

California: $ 16,478.
Nevada: $ 15,795.
Colorado: $ 15,321.
Pennsylvania: $ 15,100.
Illinois: $ 14,773.
Another factor that can determine a pilot’s salary is the education he or she has received, because regardless of the fact that it is not required by airlines, having university degrees, that added value can make an airline employer hire a candidate for a better salary.

What does an airplane pilot do
The functions of an airplane pilot are to fly for airlines to transport a group of passengers from one place to another, although they can also transport loads, taking into account that they must be good communicators to correctly transmit information to those who control traffic in the air.

Commercial airplane pilots must be very aware of the indicators and dials in order to have the security of the aircraft systems are working as they should be, but also their functions include:

Review of the aircraft.
Be aware of flight plans.
Assessment of weather conditions.
Request that the route to be followed be changed through the air traffic control system.
Provide passengers with information about the flight.
A commercial pilot can be seen working for the federal government, private sector companies, aviation schools, taking into account that it is very likely that they must fly at night, which means being unable to be at home, even for more than one night.

How to be an airplane pilot
If you would like a job in which your day-to-day is an adventure, whether it is transporting people or cargo in an airplane, to become what a commercial airplane pilot is, there are a series of steps to follow and I am ready to continuation:

1. Meet essential requirements
Everyone who aspires to become an airplane pilot must meet basic requirements, which include:

Be at least 18 years old.
Good communication skills.
Pass physical tests, including vision tests.
Be able to demonstrate knowledge in aeronautics, being backed by the log book of an authorized instructor.
2. Train as a private pilot
To start the basic learning of how an airplane should be flown, how it should be operated, how to communicate with airports, how to maneuver an airplane, among other concepts included in the training.

3. Record how many hours you have been flying
At least you must reach 250 hours of flight, in different scenarios, it can include flying alone, being in charge of the flight itself, not forgetting to record how many times you have taken off and how many landings you have made.

4. Pass the necessary tests.
The next step is to pass the tests of the Federal Aviation Administration, in order to acquire the commercial pilot license.

5. Get certified
If you want to be hired by commercial airlines, you must acquire a license as a transport pilot, with a minimum of 23 years, 1,500 accumulated flight hours and pass the tests of the Federal Aviation Administration.