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So you want to be a Captain ?



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So you want to be a Captain is intended to be an instruction manual to use in preparation for, then during a command course. It is a reference manual to be read and generally studied at home or as part of a course, giving prospective captains more background to add to their experiences as first officers. Some material has been included as a ‘refresher‘ and as an offering on how best to apply everyday procedures, such as entering and then flying holding patterns inter alia. Because of its presentation on a DVD it could be referred to en-route if need be, if carried in an electronic device such as an iPad. Some excerpts, like handy shortcuts and ideas offered in Appendix A, might be usefully looked-up and used. The accompanying abridged excerpts pamphlet contents that go with the DVD might be used for quick perusal of sundry material covered and possibly as a broad index of DVD content.

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The  ‘pack’ for ‘So You Want To Be A Captain?’ (SYWTBAC) – consists of the CD and a 52-page synopsis of the main sections in the CD

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