The Honourable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators

Bursaries for current Flying Instructors

Financial bursaries available for current Flying Instructors to continue their professional development

The aim of the Continued Professional Development Bursary Programme (CPD) is to assist the successful individual(s), who might otherwise not have the necessary resources, to enhance and continue their career development as Flying Instructors.  

Applications are now invited for the bursary funds available for 2017.  Application should be made on this form and submitted with the appropriate supporting documentation as outlined on the form.  There is no deadline for applications.  Applications received will be considered and offered by the Instructor Working Group (a working group of the Company's Technical Committee) on a regular basis.


Download the Continued Professional Development for Flying Instructors application form here



suggested uses for the bursaries are (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

•    FI(A) Proficiency Check

•    Attendance at an FI Seminar

•    Financial support towards the required training and testing for the extension of the privileges of a FI Certificate to enable instruction for Night, Aerobatics, EIR, IR, CPL or FIC.

•    Financial support for the training and testing for the issue of an IRI certificate.

•    Financial support to maintain other ratings essential for the instructor’s current instructing task (e.g. towards revalidation/renewal of an instrument qualification for an instructor currently teaching for the IR/IR(restricted) ratings)

or any other identified course of training which will enhance your intructional technique/knowledge


Candidates must:

•    Already hold an Instructor Certificate (restricted or unrestricted)
•    Be currently working or intending to work as a full-time Instructor
•    Currently hold the appropriate EASA medical certificate

Application may be submitted by post, fax or email.  if submitting by email, be aware that there is a limit on our mailbox to email size and we do suggest you send additonal supporting attachments on separate emails - clearly stating how many emails make up the full submission.  Furthermore, it is suggested that following submission, you telephone the office on 020 7404 4032 to enquire as to safe arrival - or send a separate email (with no attachments) letting us know that you have sent in an application and we can then confirm it has (or has not) been received.