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The Company produces a bi-monthly issue of its journal 'Air Pilot' edited by Paul Smiddy containing information on the aviation scene and Company activities.  Paul took over from Tom Eeles in March 2016.

Air Pilot accepts advertisements from members and bona fide businesses in its editions. It is an ideal way to promote services to members and other readers. Information about Air Pilot, its readership and circulation is available here Air Pilot Readership and Advertising, together with the page sizes and prices.

Pevious editions of Air Pilot (formerly Guild News) can be downloaded from this page.  You can also download a free app to your iPad or Android device to read the online version - search for "Guild News"


AIR PILOT APRIL 2017 Cover  April 2017


AIR PILOT FEBRUARY 2017 Cover  February 2017



AIR PILOT DECEMBER 2016 Cover Web  December 2016


AP Oct 16 Cover October 2016



Air Pilot August 16 Cover   August 2016


AP June 16 Cover  June 2016



AIR PILOT APRIL 2016-cover  April 2016


AIR PILOT FEB 2016-1 February 2016


AIR PILOT DEC 2015-cover  December 2015



AIR PILOT OCT 2015WEB-1  October 2015


AIR PILOT AUGUST 2015 Cover LR August 2015



AIR PILOT JUNE 2015cover-1 June 2015


AIR PILOT APRIL 201CC22CDA  April 2015


AIR PILOT FEBRUARY Feb Thumbnail  February 2015



AIR PILOT DECEMBER 2014  December 2014



AIR PILOT OCTOBER 2014  October 2014


AIR PILOT AUGUST 2014 August 2014


AIR PILOT JUNE 2014 June 2014 


AIR PILOT APRIL 2014  April 2014


AIR PILOT Web Feb 14-1 Air Pilot February 2014

Guild News December 2013 Guild News December 2013


GUILD NEWS OCTOBER 2013 Guild News October 2013


GUILD NEWS AUGUST 2013 Guild News August 2013


GUILD NEWS JUNE 2013LR-1 Guild News June 2013


GUILD NEWS APRIL 2013 Guild News April 2013


GUILD NEWS FEB 2013 Guild News February 2013

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